World Watercolor Month 2017 – Wrap Up, Week 4

World Watercolor Month is officially over but it was great fun to paint along with such inspiring people.  In trying to make sense of how to group the final paintings from the end of July, I decided to showcase sharks and flowers here, which makes absolutely no sense at all! I have a section of birds, too, but I am going to share those on Draw-A-Bird day on the 8th.  So, here are the sharks and flowers.


Shark in Honor of Shark Week

Whale Shark

Whale Shark

I painted these in honor of Shark Week and knew my daughter-in-law and her friend would enjoy them as they are Shark Week Junkies!

Then I practiced more flowers, one loose and the other more realistic.





The colors used in the roses give feeling of nostalgia, like an old-time valentine.   Have a great weekend!

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