World Watercolor Month 2017 – Wrap Up, Week 4

World Watercolor Month is officially over but it was great fun to paint along with such inspiring people.  In trying to make sense of how to group the final paintings from the end of July, I decided to showcase sharks and flowers here, which makes absolutely no sense at all! I have a section of birds, too, but I am going to share those on Draw-A-Bird day on the 8th.  So, here are the sharks and flowers.


Shark in Honor of Shark Week

Whale Shark

Whale Shark

I painted these in honor of Shark Week and knew my daughter-in-law and her friend would enjoy them as they are Shark Week Junkies!

Then I practiced more flowers, one loose and the other more realistic.





The colors used in the roses give feeling of nostalgia, like an old-time valentine.   Have a great weekend!

Topsail Treasures #NatureDoodlewash

Here are a few of the fun nature treasures we found this year.  Yes, that is a praying mantis in the middle, and I painted him because I had never seen one so tiny.  He was gracefully crawling across my shirttail, and to put it in perspective, from the tip of his antenna to the back of his feet this little guy was a little smaller than my index fingernail (which is cut short).  After observing him for a while, we put him in the tall grasses off the deck, but I sure hope the anole didn’t have him for a snack!

Topsail Treasures 2016

Topsail Treasures

Anyhow, starting on the top left are some pieces of beach glass we found.  Going clockwise is a cockle shell and a coquina shell.  The bottom row is a small selection of the shark teeth we found throughout the week.  Thanks for joining me today for this #NatureDoodlewash.

Beachcombing #NatureDoodlewash

I love the look of loose watercolor painting but find it a challenge as it does not come naturally to me.  However, when reviewing vacation photos I knew this one would be a perfect candidate for a loose style and a #NatureDoodlewash.  This is my husband, Jerry, walking along the surf one peaceful morning, and I am sure he was diligently looking for shark teeth.  We have a friendly family competition to see who can find the largest one each year, and this year Jerry won the bragging rights.

Beachcombing Hubby

Carolina Beach Combing

This NC beach is generally uncrowded and serene, and looking at this painting reminds me what a restful place it is.  In the lyrics of James Taylor, “I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind.”