We have a local urban farm that sells fresh eggs, raw honey, and a myriad of honey-based products.  Their aviary boasts many varieties of hens and roosters, quail, and even peacocks.  While there I inquired about these small brown speckled eggs; the owner explained that they were quail eggs and put a few into my bag of purchases.

Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Although a bit foreign to me, many folks find quail eggs to be a delicacy, but I find them to be an excellent subject to paint.  The brown egg in the back is a large chicken egg for size perspective.


Bird – Common Merganser

This duck is an adult female Common Merganser.  I don’t recall ever seeing such a duck near where I live, but they were abundant on our visit to Glacier National Park last year.

Female Common Merganser

Female Common Merganser

The Common Merganser has a long bill with serrated edges and a hooked tip to help grip slippery fish, a favorite food.  Isn’t her spiky hairdo so stylish?  🙂


This little fawn seemed to pose for us as we hiked through Glacier National Park.


Deer – Glacier National Park

She definitely was not afraid of us and obviously was used to folks walking along that trail, and we enjoyed watching her antics as she playfully sparred with her siblings.


Today’s prompt for the World Watercolor Group is sandwich.  One of my favorite sandwiches is The Gobbler, which is a hearty turkey sandwich dressed with lettuce, tomato, mayo or cream cheese, and cranberry sauce.   Some folks even add some stuffing, too.


Sandwich – The Gobbler

I really don’t eat many sandwiches anymore, but if I see one listed on a menu and want to try it, I ask that it be served over salad greens rather than on bread.  Delicious!

Swan’s Reflection

Hi Friends.  I hope your 2018 has started off with peace, calm, and warmth! My creative brain has been on overload lately – almost like artist ADHD.  I want to do so many things and there is so much to learn, but I found that I am too scattered at the moment; I have so many ideas that it is difficult to create anything of quality.  I’m attending a weekly art class where I am working on larger paintings, I’ve enrolled in some online courses (intermediate watercolor and improving drawing skills), I’ve checked out tons of books from the library, and of course there is a never-ending source of information on YouTube.  I guess what I need is some FOCUS.

I thought a good idea is to go back at my roots of following along with some Doodlewash prompts because those are fun little paintings that I can create in an evening.  Today’s prompt is Reflection, so here is a graceful swan I observed while on one of my summertime walks last year.


Maybe I need to make a loose art schedule for myself and focus on drawing for so many hours per week, Doodlewashes, etc.   Any ideas are welcome!