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I am a lifelong crafter but over the past few years have focused on card making for family, friends, and various charities. Recently I have been learning to draw and watercolor and enjoy the process of it all.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jill. Isn’t it fun to play with mediums and learn as we go along? It’s like being a kid again, except this time I am paying more attention 😄

  2. Hi Sissh. Thanks so much and I will check it out! It has been a crazy busy week here and I am playing catch up on my blog reading, so hopefully this weekend I will fin some time to sit down and do this. Thanks for nominating me 😊

  3. You welcome! I know all about busy weeks and trying to catch up on ‘admin’ as it were. 🙂
    Do take your time – its all in the name of fun afterall ^_^

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