I just finished my first official Moleskine sketchbook, and upon flipping through and recalling the memories of the past many months, I came across this toad that I had not shared yet on my blog.  We were in North Carolina for a dear friend’s wedding and stayed in a cabin deep in the woods.  Naturally there was plenty of wildlife, and while most of the critters kept their distance, this large toad sat on the porch for an entire day.  He even let my daughter pick him up and hold him for a bit.



We were a little worried because he was so far away from the stream but later learned that toads spend less time in water than frogs do, so I guess he knew what he was doing.  Nevertheless, Toady was a fun mascot for the cabin and a lot of fun to capture in this painting.  I’m excited to start a new Moleskine as the New Year approaches and can’t wait to start splashing color on those pages!

19 thoughts on “Toad

  1. I am especially fond of frogs. Your story about the toad is delightful and what a great opportunity for your daughter to learn about “toad the mascot.” We have small green tree frogs hopping and lodging on our property. They carry on a delightful chorus in the springtime. I have heard that frogs survive in safe and healthy environments.
    Thanks for sharing Toad story.

  2. That’s awesome! You have finished and gonna start with new Moleskine, can’t wait to see your art on new one! Oh yeah your Toad is adorable 😀🐸

  3. How fun! I love revisiting sketchbooks and the memories that go along with the drawings. Have a very happy New Year’s Eve!

  4. I love this story and am intrigued by your use of Moleskine. I filled several of their notebooks in past years, but moved away from it because my fountain pen bled through too much. I’m now using these sketchbooks from Barnes & Noble (“punctuate” is the brand). They handle the fountain pen nicely, and when I draw in them, the paper has a sketchbook quality to the extent that I occasionally remove and frame them. As for watercolor, I keep using D’Arches paper and have never found a sketchbook to handle what I do.

    I wish you the merriest of New Years and cannot wait to see what else you post on your blog.

  5. Hi David! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and favorite sketchbook. I am a relative newcomer to the whole drawing/watercolor scene (not quite two years) and started out with basic sketchbooks, etc. until I started producing things that I felt worthy of sharing. I started watercolor on craft store quality paper until I could get a handle on what the paints and water would do. I now use Arches paper (love it!) for things that I make for gifts, something I want to frame, larger pieces, etc. I use the Moleskine mostly for small observances while out and about as it is easy to keep in my purse and easy to make quick sketches in. It turns into a visual diary of the time period and is fun to peruse when all filled. I am glad to hear your reasoning on why you use the Punctuate books and will check them out the next chance I get. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous art in 2017!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your inspiring lifestyle, Carol! I love the life of the mind, and the idea of carrying a sketchbook to capture those scintillating visitations. I’ve kept a journal since about 1985 and now cannot seem to manage all those volumes (sometimes I wish I could take a month and do nothing but scan the scribblings of the past few decades). The sketchbook I have not maintained as well. I always wish I would fall into the habit of Leonardo da Vinci in keeping sketcbooks and journals on the same pages. Few people seem to do that. If I do a decent drawing in the sketchbook, I tear it out and frame it! Hence my books tend to be 95% scribbled observations.

    I’m excited to turn a new page this year and hope you feel the same enthusiasm as well.

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