Beachcombing #NatureDoodlewash

I love the look of loose watercolor painting but find it a challenge as it does not come naturally to me.  However, when reviewing vacation photos I knew this one would be a perfect candidate for a loose style and a #NatureDoodlewash.  This is my husband, Jerry, walking along the surf one peaceful morning, and I am sure he was diligently looking for shark teeth.  We have a friendly family competition to see who can find the largest one each year, and this year Jerry won the bragging rights.

Beachcombing Hubby

Carolina Beach Combing

This NC beach is generally uncrowded and serene, and looking at this painting reminds me what a restful place it is.  In the lyrics of James Taylor, “I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind.”


19 thoughts on “Beachcombing #NatureDoodlewash

  1. Hi Laura: We have visited Topsail Island, NC, for a week nearly every year since our kids were little. Now they are adults and one is married, and they all still enjoy going with us; it is such a wonderful week of reconnection for the family. Actually, as a mom, I’d say it is priceless! I’d highly recommend any of the beaches on the island and taking your kids, no matter how old 🙂

  2. I’ve not been to the Outer Banks but hear it is beautiful. We drive 11 hours to get to the beach, but it is worth each and every second!

  3. This is a lovely beach scene! Love the texture on the sand especially. You were right, this is perfect for a loose watercolor painting. “Carolina In My Mind” is a gorgeous song, always makes me think of my dad who hails from NC. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Traci! Many of them are in bound watercolor pads. If loose, I keep all the “good” ones in a folder, although I have framed a couple of them. The practice ones are all in a pile so I can go back and review why something worked or did not work. I really need to find a way to organize them better. If you see one you want, just holler – ha! Thanks for your kind words. By the way, the card you sent was expertly crafted. I hope things are a bit better for you. ❤

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Annie! It’s amazing how some things just flow off the brush and other times I struggle and paint something many times and am still not happy with the outcomes. This one really came together nicely on the first try, so maybe I should try a few more loose paintings while the brush is hot. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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