Beachcombing #NatureDoodlewash

I love the look of loose watercolor painting but find it a challenge as it does not come naturally to me.  However, when reviewing vacation photos I knew this one would be a perfect candidate for a loose style and a #NatureDoodlewash.  This is my husband, Jerry, walking along the surf one peaceful morning, and I am sure he was diligently looking for shark teeth.  We have a friendly family competition to see who can find the largest one each year, and this year Jerry won the bragging rights.

Beachcombing Hubby

Carolina Beach Combing

This NC beach is generally uncrowded and serene, and looking at this painting reminds me what a restful place it is.  In the lyrics of James Taylor, “I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind.”


Carolina Anole #NatureDoodlewash

This quick, little lizard made many appearances on our deck at the beach this year.  He is a Carolina Anole and was mostly a bright green color when we saw him, although he can sometimes have a gray-brownish hue.  Most fascinating was his bright red throat, also called a dewlap, which would inflate and deflate like a big red balloon as he skittered across the deck.  Evidently he displays the dewlap in order to attract a female and also to give warning to other anoles that might be invading his territory.

Carolina Anole

Carolina Anole

I wonder if he was warning another lizard or maybe us as he constantly flashed his read alert signal, not that we tried to get too close to him.  My motto has always been to let a lizard have his own space, although he is a lot of fun to watch from a distance, and he made a perfect subject for a #NatureDoodlewash.