Welcome Spring!

Are the tulips blooming where you live, or at least well on their way? Green tulip tips have emerged from the earth, as well as the daffodils and hyacinths, so hopefully blooms will be here soon.

Spring Tulips

It seems the last few years of winter have been a bit milder than usual, so this past “normal” winter was a bit more difficult and long. Hope things are bright and blooming in your neck of the woods! Happy Spring!!


Cibo di Comodita, Comfort Food

This larger painting is one that I’ve worked on for the last couple of months. What drew me to the subject were the bright pops of color and the contrast between the hard, rustic wood table and the soft flour and fresh food. When deciding on a name for this watercolor, to me it represented a hearty meal of comfort food, Italian-style, which translates in Italian to cibo di comodita. Can’t you just imagine the hands of an Italian woman making the noodles and creating an awesome homemade meal by following her grandmother’s recipes?

Painting the flour was a little intimidating because as I wasn’t sure how to approach it, so I practiced a few options. It turns out that an old, stiff, and heavily frayed Crayola brush from a children’s set of years gone by was the perfect candidate to help stipple in the fluffs of flour. Who knew?

Cibo di Comodita
Cibo di comodita in Italian translates to comfort food

I continue to attend a local, weekly Art Club where a gallery is being created, and plans are to put up this painting for sale when the gallery is completed. The thought of this is a little scary, yet a bit exciting at the same time. Wish me luck!

Meet Sadie

This is Sadie, a rescue that belongs to my daughter-in-law and son, which makes her my granddog 🙂

Meet Sadie
Meet Sadie

Sadie’s bark is much bigger than her bite, and although she is a large-sized pooch, she thinks she is a lap dog and loves to cuddle. I enjoyed the challenge of painting her lighter fur colors and hope Maura was happy with Sadie’s portrait for her birthday gift. Happy birthday, Maura! ❤


Hello to my dear readers out there.  I hope you’ve all be doing well!  I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk lately, mostly due to lack of time but sometimes a lack of motivation.

I decided the easiest way to get back in the saddle again was to go back to the beginning and paint some Doodlewash prompts.  It was satisfying to splash the paints again so hopefully I can get back on track.   Sending good wishes and hugs to you all!