Apples, #exploringwc

These apples rounded out the last lesson in the #exploringwc class I took a while ago.

Apple and Slice

Apple and Slice

This online class was fun practice, and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of community of the other class members as well as hearing the thought processes of the instructor as she painted.  There was even a bonus lesson!

Apples on Branch

Apples on Branch – Bonus Class

Here is a link in case you are interested in checking it out.


Oranges #exploringwc

I recently participated in another excellent online watercolor class taught by Sandy Allnock.  The classes actually started in November and I did a couple of the lessons, but then I had to take a break during the busy holiday season.   I already knew the basics but thought it would be fun to paint along and listen to her thought process as she painted, and her suggestions are always helpful.  It was great practice and I did learn quite a bit along the way.  The first lesson was in painting oranges so here they are.


Oranges #exploringwc

Each lesson entails painting different types of fruit, and these will look very nice framed and hung on our freshly painted kitchen walls.  It’s always a good feeling to freshen up things around the house during the long winter months.

If you are interested in checking out this class or any of her others, here is a link:


Paint Along, Day 5

Today is the last day of the Paint Along Series on Sandy Allnock’s blog, and I rather enjoyed painting along and seeing what everyone created. I laughed at myself a lot during the making of this painting because I inadvertently splattered dark paint across the picture midway through, but thankfully I was able to lift off the splotches quickly.  Then, the moon was ridiculously lopsided and wonky at one point, but I think I rectified it pretty well by smoothing the edges a little, lifting paint, and painting more branches across the uneven areas.  In planning out the black paint, I wanted to be sure to mix enough so as to not run out and then not be able to match it up correctly, and boy did I ever do a good job – I mixed up so much black paint that I can probably paint at least five more of these (maybe I will)!

Paint Along, Day 5

Paint Along, Day 5

Hope you enjoyed my week-long journey.  I had fun making the paintings even though some were not the greatest – you can’t win them all, right?  Now, what to do with all that extra black paint?  TGIF 🙂


Paint Along, Day 4

Day 4 was a little challenging for me because I tried to paint looser than I usually do, but sometimes it just seems like a mess to me.  I mixed all the greens myself rather than using premixed paint.  Like Day 3, I felt like the scene needed a little help, so I mixed the Quinacridone Rose with the French Ultramarine Blue to make a purple color that would be cohesive with the rest of the painting, and I loosely scattered the ground flowers with this purple.

Paint Along, Day 4

Paint Along, Day 4

The yellow in the center probably should have been darker, and the color on the path could have been darker too.  Learning, learning, learning! This is an okay little painting but I am really eager to get started on Day 5.  Fingers crossed that I will finish the class on a high note!

Paint Along, Day 3

Today’s mountain and lake scene went just okay for me, but I’m not convinced that I pulled it off very well.  In this scene I used only three colors, French Ultramarine Blue, New Gamboge, and Quinacridone Rose, but it seems a little lackluster to me.

Paint Along, Day 3

Paint Along, Day 3

Also, I’m not sure why the upper right looks so overexposed here – it is painted with the same intensity as the rest of the sky.  Maybe I should do a little more homework and try different color combinations on this one – and take a better photo!  Happy Wednesday!

Paint Along, Day 2

This weekend I worked on various versions of the week-long Paint Along Series.  I think this lighthouse was my most favorite of them all because first, we enjoy going to the beach each year, and second, the soft color combinations were so pleasing to my eye.  I tend to be heavy handed sometimes when I watercolor so I paid close attention to not getting too dark with the scene surrounding the lighthouse.

Paint Along, Day 2

Happy February 29 – I hope you get to do something you love on this extra day of Leap Year!

Paint Along, Day 1

I am participating in a Paint Along Series hosted by Sandy Allnock, an incredibly talented, generous artist and papercrafter, who first came known to me many years ago as she was the founder of Operation Write Home. Since the time OWH became “mission accomplished” a year or so ago, Sandy has freely shared her journey and knowledge of many mediums, most notably watercolor.  Last week she hosted a Paint-Along series on her blog, but because I was out of town I am just now getting to Day 1.  Here is my finished work.

Although I mixed the colors a little differently and put my own spin on some of the areas, it was so informative and inspiring to listen to her thought process as she explained and painted.  What a fun way to practice and learn!

Now to catch up with Days 2-5.  I can’t wait to get started on the next picture!