Car, Ford Galaxie 500, #WorldWatercolorGroup

Today’s #WorldWatercolorGroup prompt is car, and painting this really put me outside my comfort zone.  However, I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome although some car aficionados might disagree, but it was really fun to do.  Thanks to my parents, this was my first official car from back in 1979 – A 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 – with a bench seat, black hardtop, and all the bells and whistles including a AM radio.  I was able to afford gas with my babysitting money and summer job, and eventually I saved enough for an FM converter!  Now that was exciting!

Oh my gosh, again the memories held in this car came rushing back as I was drawing and painting.  I drove it back and forth to school each day, to football games on Friday nights, to haunted houses with my sister, Debbie, and Cindy in the fall, to movies with my best friend Cindy, to shop at Gold Circle, and finally to work when I started cooping in my senior year.  Oh, and gas was around 50 cents a gallon!  If my calculations are correct, the length of the Galaxie measured 3-1/2 feet longer than the Focus my daughter is currently driving, but that is what we were used to.


I felt so cool with that big boat of a car and an FM converter, allowing me to tune into the local pop station and sing at the top of my lungs.  I don’t know why this month’s prompts are taking me down memory lane so often, but I am glad they are.  What was your first car?

Airplane #WorldWatercolorGroup

I didn’t get a chance to participate in August’s challenges but am eager to try a few for September.  Today’s challenge is airplane, and rather than doodling a real airplane I thought it would be fun to try one of the old-fashioned balsa wood types we played with as children.  Remember – the ones with the plastic propellers and rubber band engines?  Some also had adjustable metal pieces to clip on the nose of the plane in order to make it do something fancy, I guess.

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Most of our planes (or gliders – the official name) didn’t last more than an hour or two because of a crash landing, getting stuck high in a tree, or landing on a roof that was already cluttered with a few Frisbees and Wiffle balls.  If we were lucky a strong breeze would rescue a plane and send it back down to us, but most of the time my dad would have to get out the ladder and retrieve our errant toys from the roof – Thanks Dad!

TGIF – Hope you all enjoy the nice, long Labor Day weekend!