Whidbey Sunset

When we traveled to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, we stayed at a darling B&B in Coupeville, which is on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Coupeville is a quaint seaside town, and we enjoyed walking to the wharf to see vibrant starfish in the clear water beneath us. The wharf was peaceful except for the sound of gently lapping water and an occasional sea bird, and it was a fabulous spot to experience amazing sunsets.

Coupeville Wharf sunset, Whidbey Island, WA
Coupeville Wharf sunset, Whidbey Island, WA

This painting represents the moodiness of the sunsets we experienced there. (Sorry that the picture borders look so wonky, but I photographed it at an odd angle.) Hope you are doing well, and thanks for stopping by!

Olive Oil

I was intrigued by this subject because of the lights, darks, and reflections and have been working on this painting over the past six weeks or so. Although it has some good points and some wonky spots, I’m a bit pleased with the outcome but mostly what was learned during the painting process.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

I won’t point out what I dislike because I know these places need some help, and why dwell on the negative? However, I am so happy with the reflection of the olive oil on the table surface as well as the dark shadows for the olives — I’ve never done anything with such a stark contrast and hope to do more in the future. Now to decide what do work on next in my Tuesday art class; there are so many options! Thanks for stopping by — have a great weekend!

Swan’s Reflection

Hi Friends.  I hope your 2018 has started off with peace, calm, and warmth! My creative brain has been on overload lately – almost like artist ADHD.  I want to do so many things and there is so much to learn, but I found that I am too scattered at the moment; I have so many ideas that it is difficult to create anything of quality.  I’m attending a weekly art class where I am working on larger paintings, I’ve enrolled in some online courses (intermediate watercolor and improving drawing skills), I’ve checked out tons of books from the library, and of course there is a never-ending source of information on YouTube.  I guess what I need is some FOCUS.

I thought a good idea is to go back at my roots of following along with some Doodlewash prompts because those are fun little paintings that I can create in an evening.  Today’s prompt is Reflection, so here is a graceful swan I observed while on one of my summertime walks last year.


Maybe I need to make a loose art schedule for myself and focus on drawing for so many hours per week, Doodlewashes, etc.   Any ideas are welcome!

Cooking Toys

My sister and I played pretend often children, and of course we always played “mothers and fathers,” or what most people call “playing house.”  While our imaginary husbands were at their jobs and our doll babies were quietly sleeping, we would of course be mothers.  Yes, I know this is a bit stereotypical but it was the 1960s, so there you go.

Cooking Toys

Cooking Toys

These little cooking pots were pieces of our kitchen toys.  I remember imitating my mother by making potatoes out of Play-Doh, cutting them into chunks with a dull play knife, and plopping them into the pots.  Oh, the simple pleasures of childhood.  By the way, this painting was my first attempt at a reflective or silver surface.  Happy Monday!

Happy New Year – Happy New Hobby

I have been making some cards this past month but mostly I have been practicing my watercolor skills.  I am getting a little better week by week, and I find that painting the same subject two or three times really teaches me a lot about mixing colors and how to get the best consistency of paint for the subject matter.  I have shared a few of these on Instagram and/or Facebook so I thought I would share them on my blog.  Keep in mind I am just a beginner and hope to be much better by this time next year!  Below are some projects that I did in November and December.  I seem to be drawn to animals (mostly birds), flowers, and landscapes.  Today I will feature some of the critters I’ve been working on as well as a picture of my instructor and classmates who helped me learn so much!


Mallard and his reflection


Chipmunk – turned into a birthday card



Chickadee 1

Chickadee on a snowy branch

Chickadee 2



Classmates – Carol, Mark Willenbrink – Watercolor Artist, Me, Cindy, and Hao