First Communion

This time of year many young Catholic children are preparing for their First Holy Communion.  I remember mine pretty well and loved the beautiful white dress and veil, as well as the white anklets and shiny white patent leather shoes that I wore in honor of receiving the Body of Christ for the first time.  Oh, and my mom made pin curls in my hair so I would feel extra special for the occasion.  Sleeping with a headful of bobby pins was not very comfortable but oh so worth it to have those bouncy curls the next day.  I remember the blue rosary and its little blue leather pouch that I received as a gift, as well as The Children’s Bible that my grandparents traditionally gave to their grandchildren for this milestone.  Okay, enough reminiscing! 

first communion card wm

First Communion Card

Here is a First Communion card I made for my parents to present to their great-nephew in a few weeks.  It was made mostly with the Cricut George cartridge with the cup of the chalice being a large circle, the foot being an oval, and the stem being a long rectangle with rounded corners.  These were cut from a silver/gray-colored paper.  I embossed the cup with the Cuttlebug Divine Swirls embossing folder (I thought the name was appropriate!), and I affixed a cross made on the Easter cartridge.  The Eucharist Host is a circle about 1/2-inch smaller than the cup.  The grapes are 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch circles cut on the George cartridge, and the leaves are from the Create A Critter cartridge (p. 70 Turkey/Pumpkin accessory).  A simple brown strip of paper cut on an angle is the stem.   Finally, the background was made with the Darice Plaid Pattern embossing folder.  This card could easily be made with punches/circle cutter too.

Congratulations to all the little second graders making their First Holy Communion this spring.  May they be as happy as the ones shown in these pictures!

First Communion Day

First Communion Day

jer first communion wm

First Communion Day


Beer Mug Made with Cricut or Punch Art

Beer Mug Made with Cricut or Punch Art

Today I am showcasing one of my more-recent creations, and it brings together one of my hubby’s hobbies and one of my hobbies.  My hubby and his group of craft-beer-enthusiast friends are home brewers (a.k.a. bloatarians), and they are always researching methods of beer brewing, reviewing recipes, going to bloatarian meetings, visiting local craft breweries, etc.  I was excited to see a beer mug card on Pinterest similar to the one I made here, but of course I tweaked it to my liking by using the paper and supplies I have on my craft desk.  All components were made with my Cricut George cartridge, although it could easily be made with punches and simply cutting rectangles with a paper trimmer.  Here is the recipe for my beer: 

 Card base in size A2 (4-¼ x 5-½)

The mug is a white 4-½-inch rectangle (George, Shift, U). 

The handle is made from a 2-inch white capital O cut in half. 

The three rectangles on the front of the card are 3-inch yellow rectangles (George, Shift, O.)

The beer foam bubbles are simply white circles (George, Shift, Q).  I made two 1-½-inch circles, one 1-¼-inch circle, and three 1-inch circles.  I believe I also made some tiny foam bubbles with a random small flower punch I have. 

Stamp a sentiment of your choice.  (The inside of this birthday card reads, “And Many More.”)

The background of the card was made using an embossing folder for texture and interest.


Can you tell me how to get . . .

TGIF! Here are some of my favorite kiddie cards to make, and maybe you can see why.  They are made of simple shapes and colors are sure to delight the kids in our lives. 

Big Bird

Big Bird



Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

I especially love that Oscar doesn’t look particularly grouchy and can evoke a smile.  I learned the techniques and instructions to make these cards in the OWH tutorials.  Measurements I used are:

1-1/2″ circles for whites of eyes

1″ black circles for pupils

3″ circle for mouth, cut in half

Oscar:  black eyebrows made on Cricut, George Cartridge, Rectangle 4; Mouth is a heart punch

Cookie Monster:  1-1/2″ cookie from kraft paper, hand-drawn “chips/raisins,” flower punch on edge to look like a bite was taken

Elmo:  1-1/2″ orange nose