Swan’s Reflection

Hi Friends.  I hope your 2018 has started off with peace, calm, and warmth! My creative brain has been on overload lately – almost like artist ADHD.  I want to do so many things and there is so much to learn, but I found that I am too scattered at the moment; I have so many ideas that it is difficult to create anything of quality.  I’m attending a weekly art class where I am working on larger paintings, I’ve enrolled in some online courses (intermediate watercolor and improving drawing skills), I’ve checked out tons of books from the library, and of course there is a never-ending source of information on YouTube.  I guess what I need is some FOCUS.

I thought a good idea is to go back at my roots of following along with some Doodlewash prompts because those are fun little paintings that I can create in an evening.  Today’s prompt is Reflection, so here is a graceful swan I observed while on one of my summertime walks last year.


Maybe I need to make a loose art schedule for myself and focus on drawing for so many hours per week, Doodlewashes, etc.   Any ideas are welcome!

Worm, #WorldWatercolorGroup

All of April’s World Watercolor Group prompts have to do with springtime, and after looking over the list I realized there are a lot of creepy crawlies in the challenge.  This is way out of my comfort zone because I am not fond of observing these things close up, let alone painting their details.  As a kid I had no issues picking up worms but was not fond of spearing them onto fishing hooks, and lady bugs and butterflies somehow did not offend my senses.

I started painting an inchworm but his little face was a bit too creepy for me, when suddenly I remembered my daughter’s old toy called a GloWorm.  The face of this plush battery-operated “worm” lit up with a gentle glow when squeezed or hugged, making it a good bedtime toy for a child to snuggle. 



I promise to tackle a few of the April challenge critters during the month, but I also promise there won’t be a lot of detail.  Guess it will be a good chance to practice some loose watercolor techniques!

Outdoor Game, Lawn Darts

The game of lawn darts, aka yard darts, jarts, or javelin darts, was invented in the 1950s and was played by underhand tossing giant dart-like objects across the yard in an attempt to score a bulls-eye in a yellow ring target.  The end of the dart had a heavy metal pointed tip that would allow them to stick into the ground.  While this game could be fun, as you can imagine it was really quite dangerous – so much so that it it was eventually banned in the U.S. after sending many people to the emergency room.  Thankfully, some less-dangerous versions of lawn darts have since been created.

Outdoor Toys, Lawn Darts

Outdoor Game, Lawn Darts

My parents had a set of lawn darts when I was very young, but as we grew and wanted to play we were given our own lawn game called Posy Pitch.  It was more of a ring toss game with the rings being shaped like large, groovy posy flowers, quite appropriate during the era of Flower Power – and much safer!

Educational Toy

Today’s prompt is “educational toy” and because magnetic refrigerator letters popped into my head first, here they are.  The bottom half of our fridge was covered with these brightly colored letters and numbers when my children were small, and the toys kept them busy while I was doing kitchen tasks.  Of course at first the kids were too little to spell, but playing with the letters was good for fine motor skills and the magnetic aspect was amusing to them.  As they grew we started spelling their names and words like Mom and Dad and other easy sight words.

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

The bottom half of the fridge has been bare for quite a long time now, but to everything a season.  If I still had the letters out I would spell “Today is Tuesday,” because I keep thinking it is Monday due to the New Year holiday.  Happy TUESDAY!

Bells, #WorldWatercolorGroup

“Christmas Bells Are Ringing” for today’s prompt.  There are so many other Christmas songs about bells:  Silver Bells, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, Carol of the Bells, and probably the most popular Jingle Bells.

Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. Anyone know what movie that is from?
We are halfway through the week!

Mouse, #WorldWatercolorGroup

I know a few people who will appreciate these mouse ornaments more than a painting of a furry little critter.

Mouse Ornaments in Watercolor

Mouse Ornaments in Watercolor

If you put up a Christmas tree, do you have yours decorated yet?  We are having some painting done here at the house, which causes a lot of discombobulation, but hopefully by next week we can get to ours.  Have a “magical” Tuesday!