Holiday Aromas

There are some scents that instantly bring back memories, and the smell of cloves and oranges always make me think of Christmas. When my husband and I were first married, I made a Christmas centerpiece with pine branches from a tree in our backyard, and I put them in a little basket. On top I added an orange in which I had inserted rows of whole cloves, and oh my gosh, it smelled heavenly for over a week.

Holiday Aromas
Holiday Aromas

If you ever try this, here is a tip: Use a pushpin or other sharp item to make pilot holes, and then insert the cloves into those holes rather than trying to push them directly into the orange. Your fingertips will thank you!

Pine Cone

Pine Cones are defined as the “cone-shaped or rounded woody fruit of a pine tree, with scales that open to release seeds.”

Pinecone Sketch

Pine Cone Sketch

This is colored with Derwent Inktense Pencils, which give a bit more control than watercolor. Have you ever tried to sketch one of these?  I found it a bit dizzying because of the spiral patterns and layers but finally got it close to being right on the third try.