Draw A Bird Day, June 2016

We just returned from a restful beach vacation, which gave me lots of time to observe subjects for this month’s #naturedoodlewash adventure as well as Draw A Bird Day.  Armed with my travel watercolor palette and Derwent Inktense Pencils, I happily had a lot of time to play and create.

Pelicans were abundant at the beach and have a lot to offer in the way of entertainment.  They are funny to me because they look like clumsy birds with comically oversized bills and feet, and if you have ever seen one do a face-plant into the ocean in order to scoop up a fish you can’t help but laugh.


Pelican, Draw A Bird Day, June 2016 #naturedoodlewash

On the other hand, pelicans soar gracefully through the skies and look very impressive when flying together in formation, often flapping their wings in synchrony.  Pelicans were once close to extinction because of pesticide pollution, but I’m very thankful that their numbers have recovered and we can fully enjoy their performances, both silly and graceful.