Beach Painting = Learning Curves

Our family recently visited a favorite beach for a week. With watercolor gear in tow, I had grand plans of finding multitudes of inspiration and painting en plein air.

Painting at the Beach

Painting a Shell at the Beach

As you can see, I had a great setup on the porch of the beach house with plenty of shade – and wind – which is not so conducive to watercolor painting.  It’s difficult to work wet-in-wet when the wet dries in under a minute from the lovely beach breeze!  I am in no way complaining about beach breezes, though, because they make the beach habitable on a hot day.  The second issue was that my glasses, which darken from the sun, got so dark that it was difficult to distinguish the appropriate colors.  I managed to create a few things outside, but mostly I drew outside and painted inside when time permitted.

More Shells

More Shells

These are the only true en plein air watercolors from this trip, but many more paintings were done in a Moleskine travel sketchbook. Maybe these will be shared at a later date; I really want to use up that sketchbook and get on with making my own with paper that I enjoy using.  Now to find those book-making instructions from Jill . . .  Have a great week!