Bird – Common Merganser

This duck is an adult female Common Merganser.  I don’t recall ever seeing such a duck near where I live, but they were abundant on our visit to Glacier National Park last year.

Female Common Merganser

Female Common Merganser

The Common Merganser has a long bill with serrated edges and a hooked tip to help grip slippery fish, a favorite food.  Isn’t her spiky hairdo so stylish?  🙂


This little fawn seemed to pose for us as we hiked through Glacier National Park.


Deer – Glacier National Park

She definitely was not afraid of us and obviously was used to folks walking along that trail, and we enjoyed watching her antics as she playfully sparred with her siblings.

Draw-A-Bird-Day, October 2017

Black-billed Magpies were abundant in the areas we visited in Montana and Wyoming last month.  Never having seen one before, I was struck with their extremely long tails, the beautiful flashes of white shown in their wings when they fly, and the blue and green iridescence of their feathers.

Black-billed Magpie

Black-billed Magpie

If you are familiar with their relatives – crows and blue jays – you can imagine the raucous, sometimes piercing chatter of these curious birds.