Draw A Bird, June 2020

I hope this blog post finds you well and enjoying the change of season (without all the crazy rain we had during the early spring).

Although I don’t recall northern mockingbirds in this area when I was younger (maybe I didn’t pay that close attention), we now have many at our feeders.

Northern Mockingbird

Northern mockingbirds are plentiful when I have suet or whole peanuts offered, and they also are seen eating loose seed underneath the seed feeder. Evidently they like berries, too.

Fun fact: Northern mockingbirds can mimic up to 200 sounds in their environment including other birds, alarms, and gates creaking. Pretty clever!

Draw-A-Bird Day, August 2017

Most of these birds were painted during World Watercolor Month in July, but since I have not yet showcased them on my blog, today seemed like the perfect day.

I took an online class teaching how to paint birds in a loose manner with lots of water.  It was great fun!

Loose and splashy bird

Loose and Splashy Carolina Wren

Blue Titmouse

Blue Titmouse


It is quite satisfying to work with lots of water and paint to create the splashy effects, which seem to add a layer of excitement to the painting.

Here is a not-so-splashy, calm seagull.



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