In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb – And a Bear?

I remember learning this old saying back in elementary school.  Each month we were given a blank calendar worksheet on which we would write the month’s name, the days of the week, the numbers, holidays, etc., and then at the top of the page we could draw and color an illustration.  The teacher explained the Lion-Lamb correlation of March and how it had to do with the usually colder (lion) wintry weather at the beginning of the month in contrast to the warmer (lamb) weather as we moved into spring by the end of the month.  My young mind thought this little Lamb must have been pretty strong and clever in order to chase away a big old Lion each March.

Lion Sketch

Lion Sketch

I’ve been practicing some pencil sketching, like this lion, because I want to get better at sketching, which in turn will hopefully make my paintings better too.  One of the reasons I love drawing and painting is because they have a way of making the mind recollect long-forgotten places, things, and activities – usually all very good and sometimes even idyllic.

Lion Profile

Lion Profile

As I was sketching this lion, the March Lion-Lamb story came to mind as did the imagery of the Lamb conquering the Lion, and it took me to memories of March 2015.  You see, the Lion roared very loudly on March 1 that year, and my daughter – my little Lamb – was in a horrendous car accident.  It had started to snow, there was black ice, and her car skidded off the road.  After five days in ICU and two weeks total in the hospital, Carrie was finally able to come home.  During this ordeal the protective Mama Bear in me went on autopilot as I did my best to see that my little Lamb got the best care possible while recovering.


By the end of March that year things had quieted down a bit as we moved into our new routines, and we are forever grateful to all the family and friends who helped us through. My little Lamb had a long road of recovery including three months in a back brace, endless medical appointments, and months of physical therapy.


Mama Bear and Little Lamb

In retrospect I now know how the clever little Lamb chases away the Lion each March – by being brave and tenacious, and maybe with just a little help from a Mama Bear (and a Papa Bear and a forest full of family and friends!).


Little Lamb and Mama Bear