Portland Head Light

While visiting Maine in 2014, I was fascinated by the Portland Head Light at Cape Elizabeth because it stood so majestically at the cliff’s edge and somehow seemed to command respect of its visitors and the surrounding environment. As the oldest lighthouse in the state of Maine, the Portland Head Light has protected the cape and the adjacent areas since 1791 when it was first lit with 16 whale oil lanterns. It is still in use today with the U.S. Coast Guard maintaining the actual light and the fog signal, but the remainder of the property is managed by the Town of Cape Elizabeth.

Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine
Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland, Maine

I’ve painted this scene many times over the years in watercolor and colored pencil but recently found a tutorial by Paul Clark. With his lead, I was able to get the foreground and middle ground to look as they should and am finally pleased with the outcome. There is always more to learn!

Spring Is Just Around the Corner

Hi there. I’ve been away from blogging for a few months for various reasons, and I hope you have been happy and healthy. On Thanksgiving night we made an offer on a new home. The process of buying a new house, moving, and then selling our old home was much more time consuming than I remember when we moved 25 years ago, but I was much younger then. Actually, the selling of our old house was a breeze because my son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting our first grandchild, a boy, in just a few days, wanted to buy it. It’s been fun helping them get settled in their new home, and I know they will be very happy there as they start their family. We are quite eager to meet Baby Boy!

These pansies were painted following a negative watercolor tutorial taught by Viv Cooper of Art with Viv. I’ve been following her for many years on Facebook and Instagram. She is a patient, encouraging instructor and explains clearly her process, and she keeps us students laughing with her sense of humor and quick wit.


I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of flowers pop up as the weather warms. Currently, daffodil leaves are poking through the soil, and I’m hoping that some of the dormant bushes and trees in our new yard are flowering types. Spring holds promises of rebirth of our world and surroundings, an I’m feeling very hopeful and blessed.

Paint Along, Day 2

This weekend I worked on various versions of the week-long Paint Along Series.  I think this lighthouse was my most favorite of them all because first, we enjoy going to the beach each year, and second, the soft color combinations were so pleasing to my eye.  I tend to be heavy handed sometimes when I watercolor so I paid close attention to not getting too dark with the scene surrounding the lighthouse.

Paint Along, Day 2

Happy February 29 – I hope you get to do something you love on this extra day of Leap Year!

Mother’s Day Cards

As always, creating cards for OWH makes a person think ahead, and because Mother’s Day cards need to be shipped out before March 31 I thought I’d get a move on. Traditionally, many Mother’s Day cards depict flowers or butterflies, and there definitely is a myriad of those kinds of stamps and supplies on the market to accomplish this.

Mother's Day Card, SU Painted Petals pink

Mother’s Day Card, SU Painted Petals pink

Mother's Day Card, SU Painted Petals yellow

Mother’s Day Card, SU Painted Petals yellow

Then I got to thinking that although I enjoy a flowery card, not everyone does – which led me to think outside the box a little. My stamp collection was scoured to find some suitable alternatives that I think ended up working well in the end.

Mother's Day Card, Lighthouse

Mother’s Day Card, Lighthouse

Mother's Day Card, #1 Mom blue

Mother’s Day Card, #1 Mom blue

Mother's Day Card, #1 Mom red

Mother’s Day Card, #1 Mom red

The lighthouse was not that big of a stretch, but it was a fun challenge to come up with the last two.  The foam finger stamp is from an OWH set made by Hero Arts, and the name of the set is Dude; however, I think most moms would be happy to receive such a card.