Draw A Bird Day, May 2016

Today’s bird was recently seen on the Allure of the Seas, currently the largest ship in the world.  Out of the seven “neighborhoods” on the ship, one of our favorites was modeled after Central Park in New York City, complete with winding, sidewalks, trees, and gardens (but no muggers!).  Chirping birds and crickets could be heard at various times of the day, and in my opinion Central Park was one of the most relaxing places to visit on the ship.

The gardens had many beautiful art sculptures, statues, and displays, and when we first saw these glass birds we remarked that they look like Murano Venetian glass.  It turns out they are Fantasy Birds created by artist Carmel Mooney in 2010.  Carmel was trained as a painter but went on to make glass pieces in Murano, Italy.  They are exquisite!

Fantasy Birds, Allure of the Seas

Fantasy Birds, Allure of the Seas

These birds feature beautiful swirls of clear glass mixed with shades of blue and purple as well as tiny flecks of air bubbles throughout the bodies and the graceful, frilly wings.  Spectacular!  Here is my interpretation of one of these beauties.

Fantasy Bird

Fantasy Bird, Watercolor

Now on to reminiscing of sitting in a cozy patio chair with overstuffed cushions in Allure’s Central Park, relaxing while listening to soft jazz music, and sipping a dark, fruity Cabernet. I highly recommend it!