Welcome Spring!

Are the tulips blooming where you live, or at least well on their way? Green tulip tips have emerged from the earth, as well as the daffodils and hyacinths, so hopefully blooms will be here soon.

Spring Tulips

It seems the last few years of winter have been a bit milder than usual, so this past “normal” winter was a bit more difficult and long. Hope things are bright and blooming in your neck of the woods! Happy Spring!!

Draw A Bird Day, March 2019

I’ve never seen one of these beauties but upon investigation found that it is because I’ve not been looking in the right places. Cedar Waxwings can be seen in flocks year-round, usually in tall cedar or other fruit-bearing trees. They are quite social and it is rare to see one by itself. Cedar waxwings flock together in trees and swallow berries whole, but they also fly over water for insects in warmer weather. These birds are named for their red wax-like wing tips and their preferred trees.

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing

Maybe if I offer fruit at the bird feeders early this spring, one might wander by. It’s worth a try!

Fetta di Pizza, Slice of Pizza

Fetta di Pizza (translates from Italian to English to Slice of Pizza) is my newest watercolor and is a companion piece to the previous Cibo di Comodita painting from last month. I don’t really considered myself a food artist, but these were such fun to paint with the wide variety of colors needed and challenges of food textures.

Fetta di Pizza in Italian translates to Slice of Pizza
Fetta di Pizza in Italian translates to Slice of Pizza

I don’t eat much pizza nowadays but certainly enjoy it. Most toppings are fair game, but I generally prefer to go the veggie route. What are your favorite pizza toppings?