National Cherry Cheesecake Day #doodlewashaday

Another unofficial national holiday is celebrated this day each year – National Cherry Cheesecake Day.  I’m not sure where the official celebration is or who is in charge, but I’m all in favor of celebrating the little things in life.

Cherry Cheesecake 2

It also happens to be National Picnic Day, so I suggest having a picnic, whether at the park or on a blanket on your family room floor (we did this occasionally when the kids were little and it was rainy or cold outside), and of course serve some cherry cheesecake.  Above all, celebrate the little things and have a great weekend!

National Jelly Bean Day – #doodlewashaday

Today is National Jelly Bean Day.  What’s not to like about jelly beans?  They are lumps of sugary sweetness held together by a pectin or gel, and they come in a wide variety of flavors.  Out of all the basic flavors I have always been partial to Brach’s orange or yellow jelly beans, and as a kid I was not too thrilled with all the other colors,  especially the dreaded black licorice.  However, I think that was because all the other kids thought they were disgusting, but now I do enjoy black licorice jelly beans occasionally.

National Jelly Bean Day

National Jelly Bean Day

At Easter it seems like all the major candy brands have their own version of jelly beans – Brach’s spiced, Skittles, Lifesavers, Nerds, Sweethearts, Jolly Rancher, etc.  Jelly Belly beans are found all year long and come in some pretty interesting flavors, like strawberry cheesecake, A&W Root Beer, or bubble gum.  They also have a line of BeenBoozled beans with flavors like Lawn, Skunk Spray, and Baby Wipes. Some are even way more disgusting! Why is this necessary?  I thought candy was supposed to be a treat!  I’ll stick with the good ol’ Brach’s orange, yellow, or even a black licorice, thank you very much!

National Animal Cracker Day – #doodlewashaday

I remember back in the day while grocery shopping with my mother, my siblings and I would each get a little red box of animal crackers.  Wild animals in a circus train car were pictured on the front, and a little shoelace-type string served as a handle.  The crackers (aka cookies) were shaped like circus animals and were also identifiable by intricately etched details.  Mom would open the boxes right there in the cookie aisle, and we would cheerfully bite the heads off the cookies and devour them throughout the store.

National Animal Cracker Day #Doodlewashaday

National Animal Cracker Day #Doodlewashaday

Over the years, the cookie box handle was replaced by cardboard.  Also, the cookies became less detailed until they morphed into blobby shapes with no identifiable etchings, which is good for me because I excel in drawing blobby shapes.   🙂  I limited the time spent on this painting for two reasons: 1) to keep me from overworking like I usually do, and 2) to see if I could produce something decent in a short amount of time.  It is definitely not the greatest but it was fun, and I think I will try the time limit thing again.  Happy National Animal Cracker Day!

The Day-Late Dolphin

This week has flown by so quickly.  I had good intentions to do so many things, like joining Charlie and fellow Doodlewashers in the #doodlewashaday fun, but I just don’t know where this week went.  This afternoon I started working on a quick wet-in-wet dolphin painting when I realized that actually yesterday was National Dolphin Day – not today.  Womp, womp.  Hope Flipper and friends will forgive me!

National Dolphin Day

National Dolphin Day

I’ve been working on making my practice paintings looser this week, but it is hard to know when to stop fiddling.  My original idea with Flipper was to be much looser, but alas I was too much the fiddler.   He is still kinda cute though.  Any suggestions on working looser with watercolor is much appreciated.    Have a great weekend!