Educational Toy

Today’s prompt is “educational toy” and because magnetic refrigerator letters popped into my head first, here they are.  The bottom half of our fridge was covered with these brightly colored letters and numbers when my children were small, and the toys kept them busy while I was doing kitchen tasks.  Of course at first the kids were too little to spell, but playing with the letters was good for fine motor skills and the magnetic aspect was amusing to them.  As they grew we started spelling their names and words like Mom and Dad and other easy sight words.

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

The bottom half of the fridge has been bare for quite a long time now, but to everything a season.  If I still had the letters out I would spell “Today is Tuesday,” because I keep thinking it is Monday due to the New Year holiday.  Happy TUESDAY!

Beach Ball, #WorldWatercolorGroup

It is warm here today with lower humidity, and if we had a pool it would be a perfect day to swim. Growing up were fortunate enough to have a pool, and my dad even installed outdoor lights so we could go night swimming. We went through many beach balls over those years, and they probably spent more time out of the pool than in because of my horrible aim. There was nothing like getting ready for the first swim of the year and inflating the beach balls and floats – ahhhhh, I can almost smell the potent chemical odor of colorful plastic beach balls and suntan lotion, well before the era of SPF.  

It is amazing how drawing this beach ball brought back tons of memories about those hot summer days of the 1970s. Now to lather on some sunscreen and create some new memories. ☀️

Airplane #WorldWatercolorGroup

I didn’t get a chance to participate in August’s challenges but am eager to try a few for September.  Today’s challenge is airplane, and rather than doodling a real airplane I thought it would be fun to try one of the old-fashioned balsa wood types we played with as children.  Remember – the ones with the plastic propellers and rubber band engines?  Some also had adjustable metal pieces to clip on the nose of the plane in order to make it do something fancy, I guess.

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Most of our planes (or gliders – the official name) didn’t last more than an hour or two because of a crash landing, getting stuck high in a tree, or landing on a roof that was already cluttered with a few Frisbees and Wiffle balls.  If we were lucky a strong breeze would rescue a plane and send it back down to us, but most of the time my dad would have to get out the ladder and retrieve our errant toys from the roof – Thanks Dad!

TGIF – Hope you all enjoy the nice, long Labor Day weekend!