Cards for the Kiddos

I finally have another full box of cards to send to Send A Smile 4 Kids, an organization dedicated to collecting and distributing handmade cards to children who are inpatient at Children’s Hospitals. They accept handmade kids’ cards for holidays, birthdays, and everyday cheer.  You might have seen the Sesame Street cards previously on my blog, but they go over so well with the little kids that I made more.

I try to find card patterns that are gender neutral, thereby being more useful to the organization, and this time I made some for older kids too.

I hope they fulfill the goal of making a child smile even while sick in the hospital.  Have a great weekend!

Draw A Bird Day, July 2016 #WorldWatercolorMonth

Draw A Bird Day, July 2016

Have you ever tried to picnic at the beach and got the feeling like you were being watched?  Chances are you were being watched, and maybe even harassed a little, by a seagull or two or ten!  These large, noisy birds are scavengers and will happily munch on just about anything left behind by you or nature.  That said, they mostly help keep the beaches and other areas clean by feeding on dead fish and other animals as well as organic matter from the sea.


Seagull in Watercolor

While you would expect to see seagulls flying around fishing boats and generally on the beach, they can also be found nesting inland at picnic grounds, parking lots, and garbage dumps.  I can attest to that because a number of years ago they began showing up around a large garbage dump in our city.  Many gulls were seen in parking lots of nearby shopping areas and fast food restaurants – and we are inland – at least 10 hours away from the nearest east coast beach!  I believe the dump now uses humane tactics, like noisy propane cannons, to help keep the scavenger bird population to a minimum.  I wonder why the silly birds would want to leave the beach in the first place.

The first week of World Watercolor Month has flown by! We are also raising awareness for the Dreaming Zebra Foundation and the Art Room Aid project sponsored by Dick Blick with hopes of bringing art supplies and teaching to children who otherwise would not have exposure to the enriching world of art. Please consider a donation today!


Can you tell me how to get . . .

TGIF! Here are some of my favorite kiddie cards to make, and maybe you can see why.  They are made of simple shapes and colors are sure to delight the kids in our lives. 

Big Bird

Big Bird



Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

I especially love that Oscar doesn’t look particularly grouchy and can evoke a smile.  I learned the techniques and instructions to make these cards in the OWH tutorials.  Measurements I used are:

1-1/2″ circles for whites of eyes

1″ black circles for pupils

3″ circle for mouth, cut in half

Oscar:  black eyebrows made on Cricut, George Cartridge, Rectangle 4; Mouth is a heart punch

Cookie Monster:  1-1/2″ cookie from kraft paper, hand-drawn “chips/raisins,” flower punch on edge to look like a bite was taken

Elmo:  1-1/2″ orange nose