Enchanting Woods

Temperatures are cooling and it’s getting dark sooner here, but despite that, Autumn is still my favorite season. That also means Halloween is coming up, and although I don’t go for all the scary, gory decorations or movies, there are still fun ways to celebrate.

Enchanting Woods
Enchanting Woods

Even though this tutorial by Lindsay Weirich was taught with oil pastels, I tried it with soft pastels and enjoyed the process very much. Rather than haunted woods, I like to think these woods are enchanted with all the delightful things we can imagine. Hope you are doing well, and thanks for reading!

Front Porch Beauty

While flipping through the sketchbook that I’ve been busy filling, I realized this coleus sketch was not shared yet.  It is not a masterpiece or anything, but it is one of my more successful attempts at painting looser. My hubby has the green thumb in the family, and each spring he plants two large pots on the front porch containing a variety of coleuses, sweet potato vine, and other pretty greenery.  The elephant ears are my favorite because they are so large and sturdy.


I remember the scorching July day this was painted, but now the cooler temps are causing the leaves to do what most plants do in the autumn in this part of the world.  Wishing you a colorful, snuggly fall weekend! 🍁🍂