Eggs, #WorldWatercolorGroup

The WWG prompt of the day is eggs, and here are some of my favorites – deviled eggs.  I love eggs in almost any form, but nothing says summer picnic like a good deviled egg.

To me, the most difficult part of making deviled eggs is peeling the shells off, and I seem to have the  best luck if the eggs are not ultra fresh. Do you know of a foolproof method? Also, sorry the lighting is so bad; I painted and photographed these while on a plane ✈️ 

TGIF, and I hope you have a terrific weekend! 

Airplane #WorldWatercolorGroup

I didn’t get a chance to participate in August’s challenges but am eager to try a few for September.  Today’s challenge is airplane, and rather than doodling a real airplane I thought it would be fun to try one of the old-fashioned balsa wood types we played with as children.  Remember – the ones with the plastic propellers and rubber band engines?  Some also had adjustable metal pieces to clip on the nose of the plane in order to make it do something fancy, I guess.

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Balsa Wood Airplane, or Glider

Most of our planes (or gliders – the official name) didn’t last more than an hour or two because of a crash landing, getting stuck high in a tree, or landing on a roof that was already cluttered with a few Frisbees and Wiffle balls.  If we were lucky a strong breeze would rescue a plane and send it back down to us, but most of the time my dad would have to get out the ladder and retrieve our errant toys from the roof – Thanks Dad!

TGIF – Hope you all enjoy the nice, long Labor Day weekend!