Pets – Meet Matty

This is Matty, and actually I’ve never met him, so we are meeting him together. He’s been gone a long time, but his owners, some friends of ours, asked me to paint him. He certainly seemed to have a lot of personality, and he certainly needed some orthodonture 🙂


They were very happy with the outcome which made me very happy, too!


Peppermint is another reminiscent taste of the season, or any time of the year really. First I painted a really wonky candy cane but followed up with this candy disk.

Wonky Candy  Cane
Wonky Candy Cane

Have you ever stirred your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with a candy cane, wonky or not? I highly recommend it!

Happy December!

Hello, friends! If you are from The States, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Life has been crazy busy lately but it is all good.

Pine Cone

I’m going to try to follow along with the Doodlewash December prompts each day this month, despite all the Christmas hubbub; hence, this little pinecone for December 1. I have so much fun back in my little craft corner of the living room and am grateful to get back to splashing some paint in my sketchbook. Thanks for stopping by!

Draw A Bird Day, November 2019

Happy Draw A Bird Day, November edition! I hope you’ve already eaten your breakfast because the sight of this bird might take away your appetite.


I felt it appropriate to honor the turkey for the month of November. How can something so homely looking be so delicious? I know a few folks who do not like turkey, but I look forward to it being front and center at our Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving falls rather late this year, leaving less than a month’s time between it and Christmas, but I’m looking forward to cozy sweaters and fun festivities. Thanks for stopping by!