May the Fourth Be With You


Happy May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day.

Beep, beep, boop, boop means have a great weekend! 😊



Happy May! I think most of us are ready for some warmer temps and springtime – finally!

Following along with Doodlewash’s prompts for May, here are some flowers. My hubby was golfing yesterday and sent me a photo of these pretties, so here is my rendition. Wishing you lots of flowers and sunshine!

Our Faithful Furry Friend

This is Winji, our faithful furry friend.  If you follow any of my other social media platforms, you know that we said goodbye to her a few days ago after 16 years of unconditional love, snuggles, adventures, and silliness.  It’s difficult to get used to how quiet our house is now, and I miss how she kissed my ear when I returned home, how she kissed the back of our hands when we fed her, and mostly how she loved cuddling in the recliner.  How could a 12-pound pompaoo contain so much love?



My daughter and I plan to make a scrapbook with many photos and written memories of Winji’s antics.   In the meantime, I painted this picture for my daughter in an effort to capture Winji’s joy that spilled over into our hearts, which are now broken, but which I know will heal with time.  Some folks do not understand how pet owners grieve after the loss of a beloved companion, but I’m grateful for those who do and have expressed their condolences.



Draw A Bird, April 2018

Although I tend to share a bird painting the 8th of every month, April 8 is the official Draw A Bird Day. I don’t know why I am fascinated by seagulls, but when I was fortunate to go to Hilton Head, NC in February, I spent some time observing these noisy birds. This fellow was not afraid of me getting to close and even seemed to pose.

Hilton Head Seagull

I hope April is bringing springtime magic your way. We are still trudging through mud, literally, and buds are slow to open. However, the hummingbirds are almost here so warmer days are surely right around the corner!

A Yellow Cardinal?

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you and my red paint has not gone missing. I’ve seen numerous photos of yellow cardinals on social media sites these past few weeks and was intrigued to find out more about this bird.

Yellow Cardinal

Yellow Cardinal

In a nutshell, if you are lucky enough to spot such a rare bird, here is the reason for the color differences.  A yellow cardinal (aka yellow morph) lacks an enzyme that converts yellow pigments in food into the red pigments in the feathers of the common northern cardinal.  Have you ever seen one of these beauties? Evidently they have been found throughout the United States, so be on the lookout!


This dragonfly closeup was a bit unsettling to paint, but once I got past its hairy face and thorny legs, I was drawn by its beautiful color variations that look gorgeously iridescent in the sunlight.



Thanks to an awesome photographer, Lawrence Splitter, for generously sharing this photo on Photos For Artists!