I like most chocolate, but I’m not fond of chocolate covered cherries. However, my dad loves them and I buy him some every year for Christmas. I’m not even sure how this tradition started, but I believe when I was a teenager I bought him a box and have done so yearly since. It is kind of a joke now and he still enjoys them, although there are many fewer in a box nowadays.

Chocolate Covered Cherry
Chocolate Covered Cherry

Hope Dad thinks this one looks good enough to eat! ❤

Pets – Meet Matty

This is Matty, and actually I’ve never met him, so we are meeting him together. He’s been gone a long time, but his owners, some friends of ours, asked me to paint him. He certainly seemed to have a lot of personality, and he certainly needed some orthodonture 🙂


They were very happy with the outcome which made me very happy, too!

Happy December!

Hello, friends! If you are from The States, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Life has been crazy busy lately but it is all good.

Pine Cone

I’m going to try to follow along with the Doodlewash December prompts each day this month, despite all the Christmas hubbub; hence, this little pinecone for December 1. I have so much fun back in my little craft corner of the living room and am grateful to get back to splashing some paint in my sketchbook. Thanks for stopping by!

Draw a Bird, September 2019

Here is a colorful young Carolina duck, also called a wood duck, but he hasn’t quite grown his impressive headdress yet. Still, he has stunning feathers and eye colors.

That just gave me the idea for next month — I’ll paint a close up of the adult male to track the progression of its cool hairdo (feather-do?). I can’t believe how the summer is flying by and hope yours has been great so far!