Draw A Bird, October 2022

Finally, fall has arrived. The trees are showing brilliant colors, the air is crisp, and sweaters are needed.

It’s so chilly that this owl needs a mustache to stay warm – lol. This is a white-faced owl and is rather small compared to other owls. It’s not a good flyer but jumps around on the ground and on lower brush limbs in search of small prey. His eyes are so eerie, which makes him a great subject for Halloween.

Autumn Owl
Autumn Owl

Autumn is my favorite time of year with its vibrant colors, earthy scents, and cozy clothes. What’s your favorite season? Take care 💖


6 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, October 2022

  1. Beautiful owl! Thanks for sharing…I just wish I had the time and energy to get back into my artwork. I’m looking forward to it! Keep up the great work my lady!

  2. Your owl is beautiful. Summer is my favorite sesaon. I love the heat and being able to be outside all of the time.

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