Draw A Bird, September 2022

We just returned from an adventurous trip to Alaska and are blessed to have visited there twice. This trip was planned for August 2020, but “you-know-what” happened and the trip was cancelled. Things seemed pretty much back to normal, but some restaurants had closed and some places were short-staffed, but that seems to be the current situation all over the U.S.

Previously I made scrapbooks of our travel adventures but stopped doing so a few years ago. When we moved last year, I realized just how many trip scrapbooks I’ve made, how much work I put into them, and how little we look at them. However, after each trip that I did not scrap, there was a feeling of disappointment and let-down because nothing was documented and because we had just a smattering of photos on our cell phones. However, I think I’ve found a happy medium.

On a YouTube video, Lindsay Weirich (The Frugal Crafter) featured handmade watercolor sketchbooks gifted by an Etsy shopkeeper, ArtsiRosi. I purchased a small book made with Arches cold press watercolor paper (the best), packed up a Portable Painter Watercolor Palette, a Derwent push-button water brush, and a few other essentials. Sketching our way through Alaska and detailing some of the highlights was so satisfying and fun. I drew and painted in the car while traveling from city to city, in the evenings, and on the plane.

View from the Plane
View from the Plane

Because it is Draw A Bird day (unofficially), here are two of the many species of birds we saw. I have always wanted to see a Puffin in its own environment, and boy were there puffins (horned and tufted)! The ravens are bold and huge and likely could feed a family of four, but that’s probably not recommended πŸ˜‰

Tufted Puffin
Tufted Puffin
Nevermore, A Common Raven

It’s joyful to remember where these quick-ish sketches (definitely not masterpieces) were created, and the plan is to feature some favorites over the next couple of weeks. Do you document your trips? What methods do you use? Take care ❀

8 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, September 2022

  1. Carol, you have inspired me to make a journal also. Wonderful! Love your stories that go along with your paintings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love your art! I wish more artists would document their travels through art. It can be so fun to look back and remember what you saw, thought, and felt during the trip just by looking at your journal. I have been wanting to buy a sketchbook from Rosi so I appreciate you sharing her link! I spent way too much time on the Frugal Crafter Youtube channel trying to find it! Keep making your beautiful art, but more importantly, keep sharing it with the world. We all NEED more beauty.

  3. Thanks, Viv, and thanks for inspiring me to make art even when I don’t think I have the time. If I ever want to make a larger painting, I have a small one to remind me of the beauty that surrounded us in Alaska. πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’–

  4. Hi Carol. Happy to hear you had a great trip to Alaska and got to see two species of Puffins! Very cool that you decided to document your sights with watercolours in a handmade sketchbook. Your paintings are lovely as always. I still haven’t managed to get into the habit of sketching-on-the-go, but I did put together a few sketching materials this summer and take them to the public library to draw flowers from books… so I’m getting closer! πŸ’›

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