Draw A Bird, July 2022

Because it’s July and we just celebrated the birthday of the USA, I painted a bald eagle, our national bird.

American Bald Eagle

Did you know that three birds were voted upon for the USA’s official national symbol: an eagle, a dove, and a turkey? Although the eagle is a symbol of strength and courage, good old Ben Franklin felt it was a bird of “bad moral character” and that the turkey was a much more respectable bird and more “North American.” I would have voted for the dove, a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. I don’t like to talk politics, but somehow, at this point, maybe Ben Franklin’s choice might have been more appropriate, and the quizzical look on this eagle’s face seems to agree. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, July 2022

  1. Carol. Another well done!! Great update as to the choice., Where is the “bald” on your bird?

  2. Beautiful painting! Well done! 👍❤🎨
    I’m hoping to find time to get back into my artwork.
    It’s so relaxing…keep doing what you’re doing my dear! ❤-Bev Erhart

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