Two Pumpkins, Three Ways

My creative friend Viv recently had a tutorial about painting pumpkins in pastel. Check out her informative blog for some fun and encouragement. I followed along and painted the pumpkins in three different mediums: watercolor, oil pastels, and soft pastels.

Pumpkins, Watercolor
Pumpkins, Watercolor
Pumpkins, Oil Pastels
Pumpkins, Oil Pastels
Pumpkins, soft pastels
Pumpkins, Soft Pastels

I really like the look of soft pastels but they sure are messy to use. Because I don’t like the “dimples” that this particular paper shows, next time I will try sanded paper. The oil pastels were fun to blend, but their colors are so bold. However, this was my first attempt with oil pastels, and I need to work on color mixing with this medium. I enjoyed blending and dry brushing the texture on the watercolor pumpkins. Which do you like best?

4 thoughts on “Two Pumpkins, Three Ways

  1. I like the series – interesting to see the differences in the techniques. Probably like the water color the best, but all are fun!

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