Draw A Bird, August 2021

My goodness, the summer is flying by! Today’s bird is a Dark-Eyed Junco, otherwise known as a Snowbird. We moved into our new home in January, and this little bird was the first to greet us at our feeders. Even though we moved only two miles from our previous house, I don’t remember ever seeing them at our feeders before.

Curiously, we’ve not seen any this spring or summer and have since learned that Snowbirds migrate north during this time of year (just like human “snowbirds” who go to warmer southern states in the winter and return home in the spring).

Snowbird, aka Dark-Eyed Junco
Snowbird, aka Dark-Eyed Junco

Most of my friends enjoy the summer, but with the 90-degree temps and high humidity forecasted for the next week, I’m looking forward to the change of season into autumn, which is my favorite season of all. I hope you are staying safe and have been well.

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