Draw A Bird, March 2021

Hi Friends! It’s good to participate again in Draw A Bird celebrations on the 8th of each month.

Timid Titmouse
Timid Titmouse

Admittedly, I painted this fellow at the end of last year but never had time to write a post for him. It was one of my more successful attempts to paint loosely, which I find challenging. Thanks for stopping by and stay well!

16 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, March 2021

  1. I love your titmouse! This is one of my very favorite birds. Years ago I had a little titmouse who would come to visit me for breakfast each morning. I named him “Tommy” and looked forward to seeing him every morning. I would leave the back door open, he would fly right in, and he’d perch on the back of a chair to keep me company during breakfast. Occasionally he’d even hop down to take a bite of my eggs or toast. One morning he opened his mouth and started to sing, and oh, my goodness! If you’re never heard a titmouse up-close, you won’t believe how much sound can come out of one tiny little bird.

    As fall approached, Tommy stopped visiting, so I never knew what happened to him. But then along came the thrashers to march through the leaves and entertain me. I loved watching them!

  2. I’ve had a lot of “bird friends”. At the moment I’m trying to convince two crows that they need to visit more often. They come and go, so I haven’t yet been able to really get acquainted with them. I’m trying to leave little glass beads and “shiny things” out for them. I’ve learned that they like dry cat food, too, so that’s probably going on my shopping list.

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