Spring Is Just Around the Corner

Hi there. I’ve been away from blogging for a few months for various reasons, and I hope you have been happy and healthy. On Thanksgiving night we made an offer on a new home. The process of buying a new house, moving, and then selling our old home was much more time consuming than I remember when we moved 25 years ago, but I was much younger then. Actually, the selling of our old house was a breeze because my son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting our first grandchild, a boy, in just a few days, wanted to buy it. It’s been fun helping them get settled in their new home, and I know they will be very happy there as they start their family. We are quite eager to meet Baby Boy!

These pansies were painted following a negative watercolor tutorial taught by Viv Cooper of Art with Viv. I’ve been following her for many years on Facebook and Instagram. She is a patient, encouraging instructor and explains clearly her process, and she keeps us students laughing with her sense of humor and quick wit.


I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of flowers pop up as the weather warms. Currently, daffodil leaves are poking through the soil, and I’m hoping that some of the dormant bushes and trees in our new yard are flowering types. Spring holds promises of rebirth of our world and surroundings, an I’m feeling very hopeful and blessed.

9 thoughts on “Spring Is Just Around the Corner

  1. It is nice to see your beautiful work again. I have had a hard time staying creative this past winter, also. It feels good to get back to the sketching. I will look forward to seeing more from you as you settle into your new place. Enjoy!

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