Second Week Recap of World Watercolor Month

Charlie, the founder of Doodlewash and World Watercolor Month, has given us thought-provoking prompts this year; these are my interpretations for the second week. The paintings are not meant to be masterpieces. The point is to simply enjoy the process of painting and not worry about the end product so much.

Even though 2020 has thrown us for a curve, thankfully World Watercolor Month is one event that wasn’t cancelled and has been a fun respite.

Fruit - Strawberry
Fruit – Strawberry

We’ve had some sweet ones lately.

Fast - Baseball
Fast – Baseball

Do you miss baseball? I don’t go to the games but miss them on TV or the radio. A baseball game is a sound of summer.

Round - Orange
Round – Orange
Favorite Place - The Beach
Favorite Place – The Beach

This is from a photo I took on Hilton Head in February, before the world went wacky.

Twisted - Pretzel
Twisted – Pretzel
Green - Cucumbers
Green – Cucumbers

Thanks for stopping by, and please be well!

World Watercolor Month is an annual global charitable event featuring the ultimate challenge of 31 Watercolors is 31 Days!  Artists around the globe come together to paint the world with beautiful watercolor and help raise awareness for arts education to get art supplies for kids who need them.  If you want to know more or help deserving children get art supplies, please check out the official WWCM website here.

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