Draw A Bird, May 2020

I’ve been working with my pastels again lately and painted (yes, it is still called a painting even though it is made with pastels) this kingfisher bird on gray pastel paper.

Kingfisher in Pastel
Kingfisher in Pastel

Kingfishers like to swoop around and fish in streams and lakes, and I first saw one last year while in Asheville, North Carolina. Also, I painted one in March 2017 for Draw A Bird Day. As I said in that post, their feather colors are so pretty!

How are things going for you? I hope you are hanging in there and feeling optimistic about the future! I love that the weather has changed and that the trees and plants are budding and blooming. I am sending good wishes to you, and please stay well!

9 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, May 2020

  1. Lovely kingfisher, Carol! 💕Very cool that you and Kerfe both drew kingfishers coincidentally. Thanks for the optimistic words. I haven’t quite managed to get the hang of optimism this week, but maybe next week. The budding plants and many birds have definitely been lovely.

  2. Thank you, Myr. I hope this week has been better for you. I ended up with an abscessed tooth and had a root canal, so I guess I’ll start out fresh next week. (Hopefully the swelling will be gone by then!) Be well!!

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