Polar Bear

Here is another arctic animal on our list, the polar bear. I’m sorry to say that they are on the “threatened” list – it would be such a shame to lose these beautiful creatures.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear

One of the most interesting facts about polar bears is that, unlike all other bear species, they do not den and hibernate over the winter. Other bears hibernate because of lack of food in the winter, but polar bears have access to their favorite foods all year long. The only exception is mother polar bears because they need to keep the babies warm. I’m all for being snuggly warm!

5 thoughts on “Polar Bear

  1. Thanks for sharing facts about polar bears along with illustration. I wonder, How do you take time out in this festive season? But so glad to see your posts in my feed everyday. They are fun!

  2. So pretty! I didn’t know that, but did know their coats are actually translucent. Terribly sad what’s happening with them now.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year, Carol! It’s such a pleasure following along with your journey and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings. 🌟🌺

  3. Thanks, Snehal! Charlie has been good about publishing the list of prompts a week or more before each new month begins, so I dive in and try to work ahead. Also, I was very organized with Christmas preparations this year, which is rare for me, and I was able to make art for an hour or so almost daily. The most time consuming part is photographing and writing the blog posts! Even tho all my little paintings aren’t perfect, I’m glad you are enjoying all my efforts! 😘

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