Candy Jar

The prompt today is candy, which reminded me of this candy jar my mom put out every year when I was young. The snowman head and hat were Styrofoam, and the hat was festively glittered. We would carefully pop the head off the glass jar to reach in for a sweet treat. The scarf was a simple red ribbon glued together.

Snowman candy holder

We also had a Santa version, and both were from the 1950s. Maybe Mom will comment below with a little more info about these cute jars. I love how these prompts bring back so many great memories. Does this invoke a good Christmas memory for you? If so, I hope you share it here!

4 thoughts on “Candy Jar

  1. Carol, I bought both of the candy dishes from Thriftway Super Market some time in the early 1960’s. They were a part of our Christmas decorations for many years. I’m so glad they bring back happy memories for you. Your painting is perfect. You are a joy to have as a daughter. Love, Mom

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