Olive Oil

I was intrigued by this subject because of the lights, darks, and reflections and have been working on this painting over the past six weeks or so. Although it has some good points and some wonky spots, I’m a bit pleased with the outcome but mostly what was learned during the painting process.

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

I won’t point out what I dislike because I know these places need some help, and why dwell on the negative? However, I am so happy with the reflection of the olive oil on the table surface as well as the dark shadows for the olives — I’ve never done anything with such a stark contrast and hope to do more in the future. Now to decide what do work on next in my Tuesday art class; there are so many options! Thanks for stopping by — have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “Olive Oil

  1. Carol- this s is stunning to me. I I would be proud to display this in my home. Absolutely beautiful and impressive. Great job

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