Draw A Bird, October 2019

Last month I painted a juvenile wood duck, and as I was posting, I decided to paint an adult male wood duck for October’s unofficial Draw A Bird Day (the 8th of every month). What a handsome subject he is!

Adult Wood Duck
Adult Wood Duck

Isn’t his headdress something else? I enjoyed mixing so many colors in this painting, and because October has been flying by so far, I didn’t realize it was the 8th until a couple of hours ago! Thankfully, our days have become more fall like (we had unseasonable 90s until about a week ago – ugh), and the leaves have started to change colors. Autumn is my favorite time of year with cooler mornings and evenings, yet afternoons can still reach up into the high 70s or even 80 degrees. Sweater weather is awesome in my book! What’s your favorite season?

6 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, October 2019

  1. Thanks, Julie! It’s hard to know how to dress in this weather. Long sleeves/pants for the morning and night, but shorts in the afternoon. I’m not complaining, though. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!!

  2. Beautifully painted! As beautiful as he is in person… but with that cool, watercolory feel! 😊

    I think spring is my favourite, but all seasons have their charm. I do enjoy wearing sweaters in the fall. Staying cozy while feeling fresh, crisp air on my face. Lovely!

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