Summer Simplicity

Our summer had been going along simply and relaxing when, in July, my daughter bought a condo. There was a lot of painting and readying for about a month and everything turned out beautifully! By mid August she finally moved in with her cousin, Katie, as her roommate and thereby officially making my husband and me empty nesters.

Summer Simplicity
Summer Simplicity

In the meantime, during my weekly art class I had been working on this painting. As it was being finished, I decided to give it to them as a housewarming gift. I thought this subject was so simple, summery, and feminine, and it looks perfect hanging in their dining room. Congratulations to Carrie and Katie, and may they make many fun memories together in their new place! PS: Thanks to everyone who helped the girls with painting, furniture, preparing, moving, etc. – they could not have done it without you!!

18 thoughts on “Summer Simplicity

  1. What a great house warming gift. It is beautiful! Congratulations to Carrie and welcome to being empty nesters. It may take some getting used to but it isn’t a bad gig.

  2. It sounds like Carrie and Katie are at a wonderful time in their lives. So much to look forward to and how wonderful a gift from you for their housewarming Carol – perfect! Congratulations on this step in their lives and finding your ‘me time’ with your empty nest. I’m sure this new chapter will be wonderful for you!

  3. Joan, thank you for your dear, kind words. I’m missing her but also falling into new patterns of life very nicely. From what I have observed, the girls are having a blast together. Hope you are doing well, too!

  4. Wow Carol!! This is AMAZING!! I love all the different surfaces and the details in each one is stunning!! It is a special gift! 💗🎨🌸 I imagine being an empty nester is an adjustment! 🏠💕

  5. The abstract background is a really nice complement to the detailed foreground – great colors, too. Complicated simplicity, if that makes any sense!

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