Draw A Bird Day, April 2019

Each year we look forward to the return of our hummingbirds sometime this month, hopefully within the next week or two. I started putting out nectar already in case we have any early arrivals, but so far we’ve not seen any.

Waiting for the Hummingbirds
Waiting for the Hummingbirds

Even though some artists draw a bird on the 8th of each month, today is the official yearly Draw A Bird Day! Do you feed your yard birds? Have you had any hummers yet?

PS: I was really happy with the loose effect achieved in this painting. Why is it that sometimes it is a struggle but other times it rolls right off the brush? I’ll take the win when I can πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, April 2019

  1. Your hummingbird is beautiful, Carol! πŸ’— I love how you painted it. My husband got me a hummingbird calendar for Christmas as he knows how much I love them. I look forward to their arrival also! 😊

  2. I love the greens!
    I don’t get hummingbirds, but I’m still waiting for the robins! The sparrows are always plentiful, and blue jays and cardinals. But no robins yet…(K)

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