Draw A Bird Day, March 2019

I’ve never seen one of these beauties but upon investigation found that it is because I’ve not been looking in the right places. Cedar Waxwings can be seen in flocks year-round, usually in tall cedar or other fruit-bearing trees. They are quite social and it is rare to see one by itself. Cedar waxwings flock together in trees and swallow berries whole, but they also fly over water for insects in warmer weather. These birds are named for their red wax-like wing tips and their preferred trees.

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing

Maybe if I offer fruit at the bird feeders early this spring, one might wander by. It’s worth a try!

22 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, March 2019

  1. Cedar Waxwings are amazingly beautiful birds and can be really pesky among berry bushes in the garden. We have several raspberry and blueberry bushes in our garden. When the Waxwings discover the berries are ready for consumption in the fall, they can spend the day getting every berry on the stems.

  2. Oh no! Gotta be quicker than the Waxwings if you want any berries. Maybe if I planted some berry plants in my yard, they would visit. Hope you are doing well!

  3. I was startled by one on a tree limb right by the path I was walking in the park several years ago. Beautiful birds! And you’ve caught that distinctive mixture of colors. (K)

  4. Hi Carol, your painting of the bird is beautiful!! πŸ’š I see them at the lake during the summer sometimes. I always feel such joy when I see one, their colorings are so gorgeous! πŸ‘

  5. Beautiful bird, Carol :-). I love how you captured the colours and silkiness of the feathers. I saw a small group of these birds today in spruce trees. They seemed to be eating something on the trees, insects I guess. Only a few Cedar waxwings spend winters here; they are more common in the summer. I hope you see some in your backyard this year!!!

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