Quintessential Ireland

We recently returned from a spectacular trip to the Emerald Isle, and even in the autumn there was plenty of green to behold!  This painting might not be the best in technique, but it holds many special meanings and is a reminder of the lovely things we saw.


Our knowledgeable tour guide explained Irish traditions, history (look up the word Boycott!), and folklore. Sturdy stone walls enclose patchworks of land, stretch for miles along roads, and really are anywhere barriers are needed; most have been around for centuries.  I also included a St. Patrick’s cross, some sheep, ruins, a patch of land with visible potato ridges from potato fields of long ago, and a “farm” or forest of non-native conifer trees used for industry.  The trip was blessed with sunny days, and the Irish landscapes were stunning!  PS: Contrary to the sentiments of my fellow travelers, I kind of enjoyed the scent of burning turf 🙂

12 thoughts on “Quintessential Ireland

  1. Very nice and being one of your fellow travelers; I’d say you captured the essence of Ireland in one painting!

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