Draw a Bird, October 2018

This little bird frequents our yard feeders, although I’m not sure if it is a house finch or a purple finch. One recent morning I found him sitting in the grass, obviously distressed. I placed some seed near him hoping that he would recover from whatever happened. Some of his feathers seemed out of place, and I suspected he flew into the screened porch or perhaps had a run in with the neighbor cat or some other creature.

I watched out for him all day, but later that afternoon he was no longer in the grass. However, to my surprise, he was sitting in the clear-view feeder attached to the window. Still looking rather ruffled, I was glad to know that at least he could fly and get to the food himself.

Draw a Bird, October 2018, Finch

Draw a Bird, October 2018, Finch

That was weeks ago, and I see him each day at the feeders, bird bath, or simply chirping in the tree. His flight is impaired and clumsy, so I hope he will be okay through the autumn and winter.

I decided to paint him without the bent feathers as surely he’d want his portrait to reveal his best self!

23 thoughts on “Draw a Bird, October 2018

  1. Maybe the finch is a youngster or possibly elderly and unable to prim it’s feathers? Thanks for sharing your observation. I wish to put sunflower seeds in my bird feeder but the big gray squirrel completely empties it out leaving nothing for the birds.

  2. I’d have to guess that the finch is elderly rather than a youngster, but at any rate he sat happily in the seed feeder this morning. Squirrels certainly enjoy sunflower seeds. We have a squirrel-proof feeder, although they are limber contortionists and find a way to get a few seeds before sliding off the roof of the feeder to the ground. I figure if they work that hard, they can have those few seeds. Besides that, they make me laugh with their antics 🙂

  3. My bird feeder hangs below a small metal windmill atop four metal legs with support bards between which enables the squirrel to access the feeder from all directions. It’s perfect for keeping the feeder dry but not squirrel resistant. I may have to resort to your method for the health of the birds during winter and to be totally entertained by the sliding squirrels. Wildlife is so entertaining and fun to watch.

  4. Dear Carol. that is a lovely drawing of the little creature. It’s so good I’m pretty sure I’m looking at the portrait of a male house finch-nice!
    I’ve followed your blog now for some time and it is so wonderful to watch your progress; you just get better and better..
    your Friend, Holly

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