World Watercolor Month 2018

Happy World Watercolor Month 2018!  This event, created by Charlie over at Doodlewash, has participants from all around the world, and we connect our art and blogs with the hashtag of #worldwatercolormonth.



Many talented artists have tutorials and online classes, and this carnation was inspired by Lindsay Weirich’s online class, Watercolor Flower Workshop.  She explains everything so simply and reminds us not to focus on perfection but to have fun in the process of painting.

Here’s just a little more info on World Watercolor Month and the mission to help young artists through The Dreaming Zebra Foundation.   This is a charity providing support so that children and young adults are given an equal opportunity to explore and develop their creativity in the arts.

Lately it’s been really hot in this neck of the woods, so I hope you are staying cool!

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