Our Faithful Furry Friend

This is Winji, our faithful furry friend.  If you follow any of my other social media platforms, you know that we said goodbye to her a few days ago after 16 years of unconditional love, snuggles, adventures, and silliness.  It’s difficult to get used to how quiet our house is now, and I miss how she kissed my ear when I returned home, how she kissed the back of our hands when we fed her, and mostly how she loved cuddling in the recliner.  How could a 12-pound pompaoo contain so much love?



My daughter and I plan to make a scrapbook with many photos and written memories of Winji’s antics.   In the meantime, I painted this picture for my daughter in an effort to capture Winji’s joy that spilled over into our hearts, which are now broken, but which I know will heal with time.  Some folks do not understand how pet owners grieve after the loss of a beloved companion, but I’m grateful for those who do and have expressed their condolences.



24 thoughts on “Our Faithful Furry Friend

  1. I love this picture of Winji. This was a great post. It will be hard for awhile. Our pets are family.

    Love you guys – June

  2. Aw there’s our sweet Winji! What a great pictures and it truly captures her sweet personality. I totally understand the loss of a pet and will always miss our Cricket, but you can be assured that Cricket is giving Winji a piece of her mind now just as she always did when the two of them were together at our house when we watched Winji. They were something to see when they were together.

  3. You painted the love in your sweet dog’s eyes. It is so hard when they leave us… I think they are forever with us in our hearts. Hugs to you, Carol!

  4. There are no words to describe the loss of such a dear friend. The memories, laughter and love she provided will be with you always. Love and hugs to you all x

  5. It is difficult to lose a pet, especially after so long. I also had my cats for 16 years and where there’s a bond of affection it’s natural to feel sad afterwards.

  6. Thanks, Nina. There is an emptiness in my heart without her, but from past experience I know it will get easier. Have a happy weekend!

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