Draw A Bird, April 2018

Although I tend to share a bird painting the 8th of every month, April 8 is the official Draw A Bird Day. I don’t know why I am fascinated by seagulls, but when I was fortunate to go to Hilton Head, NC in February, I spent some time observing these noisy birds. This fellow was not afraid of me getting to close and even seemed to pose.

Hilton Head Seagull

I hope April is bringing springtime magic your way. We are still trudging through mud, literally, and buds are slow to open. However, the hummingbirds are almost here so warmer days are surely right around the corner!

11 thoughts on “Draw A Bird, April 2018

  1. I’m glad someone remembered! I’ve been so caught up in NaPoWriMo that it entirely slipped my mind! We have, strangely, many seagulls in my new neighborhood in NYC–I’m not sure why. They are hard to ignore! I like your dignified rendering. (K)

  2. Thanks, Kerfe. We have some here too – in Cincinnati! They surely made a wrong turn somewhere. I’ve been enjoying your NaPoWriMo entries and admire your ability to put together words so beautifully. I can barely put together a grocery list! 🤣😂

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